About Cash Pay

We offer individual patients and self-funded employers the option of paying cash for their surgical services. This method of payment for surgical procedures is also known as self-, direct- or private-pay. Employer representatives or Third Party Administrators (TPAs) can contact our Administrator, Linda Philips, R.N., directly for discounted group pricing.

Our cash pay pricing structure for individual patients is a flexible payment option for those who are uninsured or have a high-deductible insurance plan, employees of self-funded employers and medical tourists. Our cash pay model is affordable and based on a formula that considers what Medicare, in-network and out-of-network insurers pay for the same procedures.

Cash pay procedures include an all-inclusive fee for your:

• Stay at our facility with related clinical and administrative services
• Surgical supplies and medications
• Anesthesiology care team services
• Laboratory services

Cash pay pricing does not include:

• Your eye doctor fee (you will receive a separate bill)
• Prescribed post-discharge medications
• Expenses incurred from possible complications after discharge from our facility

Individual patient cash pay prices are non-negotiable and are available only to those who pay the entire amount in advance of their procedure.

NOTE: If we are filing an insurance claim for your procedure(s), our cash pay pricing does not apply to you.

The list available on our website is a partial list of procedures, if you require cash pay pricing for a procedure(s) not listed here, please contact our billing department by phone at (734) 281-0100 or by email here.